From best to worst husbands based on zodiac signs, ranked!

As we all know, not every individuals are alike, but rather individuals of a specific zodiac do much of the time, share regular identity traits.
1. Cancer
Cancer men are pretty awesome.Loyalty and commitment are their greatest qualities. Their relationship is solid; once they hook onto, they do forever. They are legitimate husbands.
Because of their elegant nature, once they are infatuated with somebody they will not feel shy. They feel so seriously for their spouses that there is no dread of the fire wearing out.
You can bravely trust cancer man; he requires to build up a home with you and also to begin a family with you.
Besides, he can get senseless, however, that is for the most part simply charming. 
2. Libra
Libra man has affective personality. Their behavior can be ambivalent and reluctant.
Their sentiments occasionally vacillate and they convey magnificence and adjust to the relationship. They are astonishing parents on account of their capacity to be prudent in all circumstances.
Someone can say that Libra man is heartless, but he can’t just waste time on relationships with no future.
What’s more, in the force of passion, just Cancers have a game against Libras. These signs will love “the living poo out of you”.
3. Scorpio
Scorpios are known for their extreme jealousy, serious interests, and dark comical inclination. They can kill for you anyone who even says a single word against you.
If you are looking for a marriage, Scorpio is not a good choice. But on the other hand, he can be a partner you can lean on.
The Scorpio man isn’t someone who lives always lightly; he has bad and good attitudes. That’s why he can be extremely difficult to live with. 
Cancers aren’t for everybody: except for the ones they will be, they are always great.
4. Gemini
Geminis are known as two-faced personalities. They are grounded individuals who endeavor to compensate for their feet of earth. Gemini men are interesting, funny individuals. You will never get bored living with them.
Geminis need personal space in relationships and freedom to socialize with others. That may give you concerns about his long-term fidelity as a partner or husband. Gemini man can be a great friend for his children, but parenting isn’t his strong point because he tends to change her mind about what’s acceptable and what’s not. 
A Gemini father makes an excellent teacher to his kids, stimulating their intellectual curiosity about life, and encouraging them to develop strong social skills from an early age.
5. Pisces 
As a life partner Picses are amazingly patient, tender and romantic. They have capacity for unconditional love and forgiveness. They will sacrifice a lot for their partners’ happiness. But if you are looking for a strong, dominant husband you can depend on to carry all the responsibilities in the relationship, Pisces is not the best choice. As a husband or a partner, Pisces aren’t the easiest people to live with. They are big dreamers and tend to spend a lot of time in their own world. You can never guess what’s going on in Pisces mind. They need a lot of understanding. 
6. Capricorn
If you are looking for a husband for improving your social status than Capricorns are exactly for you. Capricorns tend to be hard workers; their career is the most important thing for them. 
But if you want lots of romance, Capricorns may not be the best choice. They prove their love with practical actions. 
Capricorns may not be the best companion because of their serious nature. They easily get a little depressed and need a partner to cheer them up. 
Capricorns take their responsibilities in relationship and family very seriously. 
7. Virgo
As a life partner or husband Virgos prove their love, not through romantic evenings but through practical actions and support. If you are chosen by him to be his life partner than you are the “ONE” for him. 
Living with Virgo isn’t so easy; he is such a perfectionist. 
Virgos are uncomfortable to show too much emotions. 
That’s why, as a parent, Virgos tend to be shy showing their emotions to their children, no matter how much they care for them. Besides, they are very responsible parents. 
8. Aries 
Aries mostly prefer freedom than a partnership. Living with Aries will be very funny, you will never get bored. But don’t expect much in the way of peace and quiet. With Aries, you’ll never know what’s going to be next. 
Householding is boring for Aries, that’s why they tend to be where the action is. 
The best way to avoid your Aries partner or husband from straying is to try to always be sexually available. 
Aries are good parents. 
Aries man will be a protective father for his daughter and a friend for his son.
9. Leo
Leo men are talented, confident personalities.
If you want to live with Leo, you have to know that his home is his palace; the place where he wants to be treated as a “King”. Leo is such a good companion. He has a warm heart and love spreading joy around him.
Leo man is a very trustworthy partner. He is capable to stay in love with his sweetheart forever. Leo man enjoys being head of the household. The Leo man is the ultimate pushy parent.
10. Taurus
If Taurus man decides you are the “ONE” he’ll give you his love forever. As a husband, Taurus man tends to be possessive. He has a high sense of “ownership” of his partner. 
Taurus is a very trustworthy partner. 
A Taurus husband tends to be a good provider. He will work long and hard for his family. 
Taurus husband will be a good father for your children. He will teach his children valuable practical life skills. 
11. Aquarius
Actually, Aquarius men are naturally a marrying kind. 
Because he’s good at controlling his feelings, your Aquarius partner will stay cool even under extreme provocation! 
He enjoys having lots of people around and likes his home to be an open house for people of. That’s why Aquarius’ partner has to be sociable.
Aquarius man tends to be free and independent. 
Aquarius man will be a great father and funny companion. He won’t openly show his love to his children so easily. He may feel uncomfortable with too much emotional content in a relationship. 
12. Sagittarius
If you’re happy with a more ‘open’ kind of marriage and aren’t looking for a man you can depend on for support, a Sagittarius could make a good husband for you.
Sagittarius man isn’t really the stay-at-home type; he is happy when he’s on the move. Living with Sagittarius is not so easy. If you love straight talking and can’t stand pretense, Sagittarius is not the best choice for you.
As a father, your Sagittarius partner’s biggest weakness is his resistance to accepting responsibility. He never really fully “grows up”, it’s hard for him to take on the care of another human being when, deep down, he still feels like a big kid himself!
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