Everyone Has A Tarot Card That Matches Their Zodiac Sign. Here’s Yours:

Did you know that your Zodiac sign matches a Tarot card that represents your personality?

And when you connect with that card, it unlocks hidden opportunities in your life that you’d otherwise miss.

Think of it like a picture of your Zodiac sign.  Find your Zodiac sign below and see what your Zodiac card says about you!


Aries:  The Emperor (March 21 – April 19)


As The Emperor, you are a fierce competitor and a powerful force in your relationships.  You naturally want to be the best in everything you do.  Your optimism, enthusiasm and courage gives you a level of determination most others don’t have.  


In romance, you tend to rush into things yet you don’t like to be gushed over.  You have a talent for motivating others to take action and are driven

professionally.  Just beware of blind spots with new romantic partners.  They are in for an unforgettable experience filled with passion, fire, and unbridled emotions.  You need physical activity in romance to feel like you’re accomplishing something. 


Taurus:  The Hierophant (April 20-May 20)


As The Hierophant, you are dependable, loyal, patient and stable in your relationships. You are deeply connected to your inner values and radiate charisma that others are naturally drawn to.  


You feel powerful when providing for those you love and revel in the basic pleasures of life.  When you’re committed in love, you don’t let go because your relationships are directly tied into who you are. You’re loyalty and resilience is unmatched by most. 


Gemini:  The Lovers (May 21-June 20)


As The Lovers, you are clever, communicative, quick-witted, spontaneous, variety-seeking and curious. You have an energy for life that surpasses most and deeply connected to being free to change and you radiate charm, sophistication and a “genius energy” that people want to seem to learn from.


You can be very persuasive and you love to make new friends and you most feel valued when you are helping the ones you love resolve conflict. Harmony and accepting change is important to you.


Cancer:  The Chariot (June 21-July 22)


As The Chariot you are incredibly nurturing, caring, loyal and protective in your relationships. You are deeply in touch with your emotions and you naturally make others feel safe and protected around you.

People love feeling compassion from you and know that you have their best interest at heart.  You feel powerful when you are caring for those you love and revel in the basic pleasures of making a happy home.  When you’re attached, your emotional bonds are strong. 


Leo:  Strength (July 23-August 22)


As Strength, you are as fierce as a lion’s roar yet as soothing as the morning Sun when you choose to be.  As a noble romantic, you live your life by unbreakable morals and values.  You are deeply charming, creative, and like to be the center of attention because you are a master at fulfilling your own needs. 


Your purpose is to be an inspiration to others, which is why you are such a natural leader.  As someone who has no reason to apologize, you are still the first to blame yourself when something’s wrong.  You have a royal presence that people love and enjoy the spotlight. 


Virgo:  The Hermit (August 23-September 22)


As The Hermit, you are intelligent, analytical, helpful, and incredibly detail oriented.  Your work ethic is unrivaled because you tend to improve situations, people and circumstances, even when it means being critical.  Your servicing nature makes it easy to bend over backwards for people. 


You possess a distinct vibrancy and energy that others sense instantly.   As a perfectionist, you can be tricky to enter a relationship with because your standards, although neat and practical, are very high.  You feel great when you’ve fulfilled your duties and enrich the lives of other people.   


Libra:  Justice (September 23-October 22)

As Justice, you are a natural diplomat in love.  You enjoy surrounding yourself with beauty, art and graceful things.  You are a natural flirt, seductive and romantic.  You are a tender lover who enjoys companionship because you flourish in partnerships.  Relating to other people is what you truly live for.  Your purpose is to keep the peace, even if that means over compromising sometimes. 


Scorpio:  Death (October 23-November 21)


As with Transformation, your personality is very intense, focused and transformative to all who come into contact with you.  Your passion is unmatched and you hold space for deep and penetrating conversation.  


You experience deep psychological shifts that last forever.  You can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind to it as your will power is unrivaled.  You smolder with sexuality and turn heads in public.  People can feel your sensual energy the moment you enter a room.  Your lovers can’t really figure you out by the look on your face.  You are devoted and fiercely protective.


Sagittarius:  Temperance (November 22-December 21)


As Temperance, you are spontaneous, optimistic and exciting to be around, like an angel spreading its wings!  You’re hard to figure out at first.  You’re funny and outspoken in public.  


In a one on one settings, you’re quite the flirt, but the second the idea of commitment surfaces, you’re the first to run away!  You’re driven by the nobility of mind and seeking higher knowledge, so you like people who share your vision.  You inspire passion in others.  


Capricorn:  The Devil (December 22-January 19)

As The Devil, you are resourceful, practical, ambitious and well respected by everyone.  You have a serious nature to you, yet you are loyal and can be trusted with even the darkest of secrets.  You refuse idealism and delusions because you rather deal with practical facts and science. 


People think you’re tough as nails when you first meet, but that’s because you know where you’ve been and exactly where you want to go.  Once you open up, you’re actually warm and caring, just guarded and reserved.  You don’t throw yourself into reckless and casual affairs.


Aquarius:  The Star (January 20 to February 18)


As The Star, you are opinionated, eccentric, independent and by far the most original in the room.  You are a witty and clever intellectual.  You’re hard to figure out, even by those who know you well.  


You can be a walking paradox – patient one moment, impatient the next.  You like unusual things and people with originality.  You’re attracted to the eccentric and unconventional lovers.  You need space and freedom in relationships, no matter how strongly committed.  If you can’t be an individual, you’ll leave.  You wish others freedom.


Pisces:  The Moon (February 19 to March 20)


As The Moon you are dreamy, artistic, creative, mystical, and possibly psychic in your abilities.  You are a deep soul with more compassion than most.  A sensitive spirit with powerful emotions, your imagination is unlimited and appreciation of love and beauty are unmatched.  


You are mysterious and complex, as if you know more than you’re letting on.  You are the epitome of feeling and have deep inner wisdom.  You need companionship yet also crave solitude.  Your energy creates profound experiences for others like art and music.

And the best part?


When YOUR Tarot card comes up in a reading, it means pay attention!


The Universe has an important message for you that could be right around the corner.  


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Just remember to look out for your Zodiac card!  


Let me know if it shows up in your reading.

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