The Most Brutal Zodiac Sign Ever: Shocking Truth Behind Each Horoscope!

Have you ever encountered a stubborn Taurus or perhaps a brassy Leo? What about a sneaky Scorpio or even a playboy Sagittarius? Do any of these undesirable characteristics ring a bell? Each sign has a good side and also a negative one. The not so nice characteristics are actually the ones we are able to grow and learn from, especially when it is someone else who is rubbing us the wrong way. Once we gain an understanding of where someone is actually coming from it is easier to have understanding and empathy. For now, let us take a fun poke at the sign of yours and their not so charming traits!


This warning sign is probably the most selfish of the zodiac. The ram is actually independent by nature and does not give a lot of a hoot about anyone elseand why should they? Based on them, there’re numero uno. They also believe they are a natural born leader but others probably find them overbearing and dictatorial at best.

The Aries ego has a zip and their impatience is actually legendary? just ask their latest victims who bore the brunt of the temper of theirs since they’d to wait in line at the post office. OK, fair’s fair, everyone gets a little ticked off about one but the difference is the fact that Aries is usually the one causing a scene or perhaps storming off in a huff particularly when they do not get the own way of theirs.
Just how dare anyone keep them waiting! The Ram is actually competitive and aggressive by nature and will crawl over their sick granny to reach the finish line first. They’ve to win at any price. They are headstrong and a know-it-all and if proven wrong will keep arguing the point until they get bored? which tends to happen a lot. Not one for follow through although on the positive side this sign rarely holds a grudge. They are the love em and leave em type and operate on impulse. Known as a heart breaker, they are enthusiasticat first and then they are onto their next conquest before sunrise. Aries gets bored not and easily much can hold the attention of theirs. They are not good with follow up and routine drives them around the bend.

That is right, this’s the sign of spontaneity and independence, aka the player.’ Some may call it courage but others call it foolhardy. Some might call it honesty yet others call it tactless. In order to sum it all up, Aries is actually the sign of chutzpah!


The Bull is probably the most stubborn of the zodiac. After they set the mind of theirs on something there is no turning back or perhaps turning them around or perhaps nitpicking them or perhaps prodding? even an inch. They will just keep plodding along until they get to where they wish to go. Heaven forbid any person who gets in the way of theirs as they will be trampled under that large force of will. Rigidity is the middle name of theirs.

Taurus rules possessions and money and they love to have a great deal of both. There is nothing wrong with that except they would sell their granny to the old age home simply to make a dollar. They’re snobby and self-indulgent and prefer the good life? only the best will do and certainly no cheap imitations? well maybe as gifts for others but surely not for them! Bulls have a tendency to think of themselves as a food critic and will gorge in five star restaurants on a continuous basis because a lot of them can pay for it. They like routine and can be extremely upset in case something in the everyday life changes of theirs. Comfort and security are actually what makes them tick.

They’re the ultimate snob and will look down upon others in case their standards aren’t met. Occasionally, this sign could be quite dull and obviously not the life of the party. They are a stick in the mud but that is just fine by them. Anyway, who wants to be bothered partying all night when you are able to spend the time of yours at home counting the money of yours, tallying up the net worth of yours and sorting through your designer clothes? nothing is more exciting! The largest turn on for Taurus is actually lying on satin sheets, ringing a bell for Alfred the butler to bring probably the finest champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. This can be followed by a luxurious massage and bubble bath, of course attended by Alfred.


This warning sign is probably the biggest gossip of the zodiac. Gemini is as nosy as Mrs Kravitz and they just cannot be trusted to keep a secret. They come across as a know-it-all but if someone were to dig just beneath the surface they would discover that Gemini is just repeating probably the latest Twitter trends. They are a jack of all trades but a master at none. Theirs is definitely the sign of the Twins since they are able to be slippery and two-faced when they wish to be. They are really good at stretching the truth.

They’re a good manipulator and can weasel the way of theirs out of just about anything yet still be in the confines of the law. They love the sound of the own voice of theirs and can talk endlessly about not a lot whatsoever. Gemini certainly has the gift of the gab.’ Gemini really is extremely clever and can come across as quite eloquent and educated even in case they left college with one semester to finish and today have a lifetime of pupil loans to pay off and no immediate job prospects. Partying is the MO of theirs but they choose to call it networking. They consider themselves to be flexible but others will call it flaky. They’ve a reputation as a user and will run cold and hot on anyone in the social sphere of theirs.

The warning sign of the Twins gets bored easily, detests routine and would trade the grandmother of theirs in for a new one on a whim. They may be broad minded and what others (or the partner) of theirs will look into some serious flirting they’d classify as harmless fun. They have a tendency to see all sides of a scenario which at times are able to get them into water that is hot. Some may unfairly have Gemini pegged as someone who can’t be trusted or perhaps probably the biggest con artist on this side of Tehran.


This warning sign is probably the crabbiest of the zodiac. They are famous for the moods of theirs which can keep going for days, weeks, months or perhaps even years. Cancer is going to hold a grudge which will continue through lifetimes. Additionally, they have the memory of an elephant. They have a tendency to live in the past and several of them might actually be stuck in long gone sentiment and distant memories which they relive over and over again. Generally, they’re a mama’s boy or perhaps daddy’s female and their family has a stronghold over them. They have a tendency to manipulate through guilt but only to those lucky chosen ones that are closest to them. They’re naturally a mother hen and are actually protective and clannish of the tribe of theirs.

They’re probably close to the grandmother of theirs and also have a fond attachment to dead relatives. The favorite pastime of theirs is actually cooking and gorging on food especially for traditional family meals. They are going to sulk whether their efforts aren’t appreciated even if the majority of their family is actually sick of eating the lame family recipe year in, year out. As a parent, they’re a smother mother’ or perhaps helicopter’ type? never allowing the children of theirs to obtain the freedom they seek. Which explains why Cancerian offspring pick colleges as far away from home as you can. Also a hoarder, the Crab cannot bear to throw anything away as everything they own has some story type or perhaps sentiment attached. This sign is among the most tenacious of all. Behind that weepy exterior lays a hard shell and that is as hard as nails.

They could turn on the water works just as fast as they are able to turn them off. They are thrifty, no, make that stingy when it concerns finances. They are a saver as well as not a spender so no matter how much cash they’ve they’ll always enjoy clipping coupons and finding bargains.


Leo is actually the most bossy of the zodiac. They come across as confident and commanding when all eyes are actually on them but as soon as they are not getting enough attention they will throw a hissy fit. The Lion is actually a limelight hog and their vanity is actually legend. They’re a natural show off and will not hesitate to boast to an adoring audience. Theirs is actually the royal sign of the zodiac.

They are pompous and think they actually are the king or perhaps queen while the rest of us mere servants are here to wait on them foot and hand. They’re big snobs and can be very overbearing and arrogant. Off with her head’ they would secretly love to command when their granny does not make their favorite meal to their liking. Money cannot buy taste and Leo is actually known for lavish spending particularly on gaudy clothing and over the top jewelry and accessories which command the attention they crave. The motto of theirs could be the famous PR slogan: There is no such thing as bad press. As long as folks are actually talking about them then they should be popular. Leo is continually seeking attention and will be best suited to a partner who does not care for such items. A person whom they can endlessly boss around and let Leo make all of the decisions as well as take all the credit.

Their insecurities are insurmountable. They’re also dictatorial, selfish and power-hungry. They will take credit for other’s ideas like they were their own. Additionally, they have a solid drive to reach the top which is going to afford their fancy lifestyle and offer the power they seek. Their bark is actually worse compared to the bite of theirs but deep down they really are a kitten looking for its cream along with a spot in the sun.


This warning sign is actually probably the pettiest and most critical of the zodiac. They are the epitome of a nag and drive others nuts with their constant nit picking and fault finding. Virgo is going to notice and pay attention to things others find mundane and boring. Virgo is actually the sign of service aka masochist. Is there anyone else who likes to be bossed around and run around after others while constantly complaining? it makes no sense to the rest of us. In fact, complaining is the favorite pastime of theirs and they only feel loved when they are picking up after those they love.

They are quite petty and seek perfection where none exists. Heaven help their long suffering partner? how do they put up with this particular sign? It is probably because Virgo cleans and picks up after them. This’s the sign of the virgin and of course we all know that is due to their prudish ways. They come across like a holy saint but as soon as the lights are actually off they’re the devil in disguise. Lots of people do not understand the shadow of this sign may be slovenly, easy, and cheap. Checking out the flip side makes their complaining easier to live with.

Virgo is actually a constant worry wart which creates a nervous disposition. To counter balance this they pop pills which they call vitamins’ and the doctor’s waiting room is actually a home-away-from-home for this particular sign. Plain and simple, Virgo is actually a hypochondriac. In the guise of taking the grandmother of theirs, sick pet or old neighbor to the doctor they will add on a few more ailments to get the medication they need for their self diagnosed problems. Their stinginess is inexhaustible. They often appear to be counting the pennies of theirs and writing up budgets and to do lists.

They are extremely fussy and actually kind of boring since they enjoy cleaning house, cleaning the floors and ironing clothes etcNo task is mundane or small too to satisfy this fuss budget sign.


This warning sign is actually probably the biggest liar of the zodiac? not intentionally but actually just to spare someone’s feelings or even make themselves look great. They do not love to be confrontational so will stretch the truth when necessary. They will also butter someone up to get what they want? others call it sucking up but they love to think of the words diplomacy’ and tact.’ They’re quite a big spender? even when they do not have the moolah to cover costs. The more costly the item the better as far as Libra is actually concerned.

What is a small credit card debt for something that causes you to feel like a million dollars? Some would call Libra superficial but they know they are well worth every cent they invest in themselves and more. Designer labels just have a certain something they cannot explain. They are the type that just makes friends who could do things for them. Social contacts and connections they’ve plenty of and will not hesitate to use them when it suits them. They hate to be by yourself and a lot of this sign will hook up with those below their social standing just so they’ve a warm body to keep them company on nights that are cold, anything with a pulse will do.

They’re quite dependent and needy and can resort to taking telemarketing calls just so they are able to speak to someone on the other end. Libra may be very wishy washy and find it difficult to make a decision? especially minor ones. There are plenty of choices and outcomes that they think it is hard to commit to just one. Additionally, they love to debate only for the enjoyment of it. Showing off the superior intellectual capabilities of theirs is the thing that provides endless amounts of cheap thrills. They do it in such an inoffensive way that their grandmother never knew what was coming.


This warning sign is actually the most despised of the zodiacand no wonder! Scorpio is actually the sign of sex and in case they are not sleeping with their best friend’s lover then they are plotting the moves for their next sexual conquest. If committed, they’re very loyal to the point of being jealous and possessive and love to keep tabs on the partner of theirs at all times. Tracking devices and nanny cams were obviously invented by a Scorpio.

Obsessive by nature, Scorpio who won’t stop until they get what they like and that includes stalking their ex online. Restraining orders aside, they are able to be suspicious and paranoid at probably the best of times. Revenge is actually sweet and anyone that crosses a Scorpio will face instant death from the burn of their famous tail which could are available in the form of a dirty look or perhaps heavy breathing in an anonymous telephone call. With the degree of intensity they’ve, they’re often misunderstood.

That deep, brooding nature of theirs should convey a level of emotion rather than just a routine rotten mood. Why is it that folks mistake the sense of theirs of humor as biting sarcasm? They have a tendency to point out the obvious and prey on the weak. As soon as they smell fear they attack and will not give upever, ever, ever? even after their granny has waved the white flag. They are an extremist so there is no in between for them. It’s either: white or black, wrong or right. They’re as dominating as a pit bull in a dog park full of chihuahua’s and as stubborn as an ass. When their brain is actually made up there is no turning back even when they know the outcome is going to end in disaster. Someone once said Scorpio prefers to be miserable in love.’ What does this mean?’ Who knows, it just makes sense to them!


This warning sign is actually the boozer of the zodiac and the reputation of theirs for drinking and partying is actually the stuff urban legends are actually made of. It is all about having a good timeperiod. Never one to shy away from social gatherings they know the way to liven up even the dullest of business meetings, work parties or perhaps family get togethers.

They’ve no restraint or perhaps ethics when it comes to the great times. They spend money like there is no tomorrow and are actually prepared to take huge risks and large gambles which would make their grandmother turn over in the grave of her. They likely think about the huge inheritance she left them to be partied away as quickly as possible instead of saved for a rainy day. Constantly on the soapbox of theirs with their fanatical, self-righteousness, and dogma ideals they focus on the big picture but lack the practical details to really put the words of theirs into action.

They’ve no self restraint and suffer from foot-in-mouth’ disease. They are going to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind without a second thought. In the book of theirs, the truth, no matter how painful must always be told. Sagi needs freedom at all the costs and probably has a black book as thick as the white pages. They’re conceited and impulsive a lot like their half human half horse Sagittarian icon, the Centaur. The mythical Centaur loves to run around, has an athletic nature and is actually active and restless. They are often quick, impatient, and clumsy tempered although can get over their temper tantrums just as quickly. They wear the heart of theirs on their sleeve so probably those closest to them always know exactly where they stand. They’re big blabber mouths so do not tell them a secret.

They really love to travel and do not mind either the seediest or fanciest locations as they believe it is all an experience to be had. They are often gullible which makes them easy prey for con artists that appeal to their free wheeling nature.


This warning sign is actually the most boring of the zodiac. While the rest of us are actually out having a great time Capricorn is actually working overtime and counting every penny toward their first billion. Nothing wrong with work that is hard and a longer term plan but they are a pinchpenny and would strong arm the grandmother of theirs from a buck in case they could. They’re ruthless in the ambition of theirs and won’t stop until they get what they need. They’re fearful of being poor so can be stingy when it comes to the dosh. They’re also resentful of those that are actually higher up the food chain than themselves.

They’re not so sympathetic towards others and can stick with relationships from a sense of obligation and duty. They’re impressed by materialism and can be selfish and greedy when it comes to the stuff of theirs. Additionally, they have a suspicious nature and think everyone is actually out to get them. They secretly despise themselves and will create challenges and obstacles which they frequently have to overcome. They think success must come at a price otherwise they will never enjoy it which they would not anyway regardless of how it was accumulated. They’re a born pessimist and can be a downer on others. Ever wondered why Capricorn does not have some friends?

They are too depressing or even boring to be around. They’re careful and do not love to upset the routine of theirs. It is as they were born old. They’re conservative and cautious by nature and are not one’s to try anything new. They are what others call a stick-in-the-mud. The sense of theirs of responsibility and self discipline is the thing that fills them with a code of standards and morals that the rest of us can never aspire to or perhaps even want to for that matter!


This sign is actually weirdest of the zodiac. Many Aquarians would most likely take this as a compliment but they should not. They’re detached and aloof and almost robotic when it comes to matters of the heart. It is sort of like they do not actually have some emotion whatsoever since they’re so undemonstrative. It is as they’ve been brought to this earth from another planet. Once again, that is not a compliment.

They’re rebellious and can be a huge torment? never knowing when to stop the endless terrorizing and teasing of probably those closest to them. What they think is funny a lot of people don’t. They appear to care more about folks that aren’t closest to them? at best what could be called acquaintances. Their loved ones require a thick skin to deal with their eccentric ways. Just ask some spouse of an Aquarian who is going to tell you the many times they had been left to fend for themselves at a cultural event while their dearly beloved was off looking for the most fascinating person in the place to mingle with. They require the freedom of theirs at all costs. Many Aquarians are actually inventive and will come up with useless and unique innovations.

The scientific and new really appeal to them and they never cease to show off what they consider their originality and brilliance. They’re stubborn and will do nearly anything to prove their point? hammering even their poor old granny into submission when they believe they are right. They may be erratic and sometimes the behavior of theirs may get them committed. They’re not materialistic and will be inclined to give away their possessions and money to humanitarian causes. Saving the world is actually what matters most to them and many of them think they truly have the intellectual capabilities to do it. Aquarians are actually the classic know-it-all.


This warning sign is actually the doormat of the zodiac. They attract the down and out’s and are actually suckers for anyone with a loser sign on the back of theirs. When the going gets tough they hit whatever can remove them from the mundane? drugs, alcohol, food or even religion. They seek to escape the cold hard reality of living and prefer living life wearing rose colored glasses. Pisces are romantics and have most likely had their tender heart broken on more than a single occasion. They typically see just the good in others and so are easily deceived and often deluded.

They’re quite emotional and no doubt their friends call them a cry baby behind the back of theirs. Even their grandmother is tired and sick probably of their constant blabbering. They’ve no clue when it comes to practical matters and are completely disorganized which means their life is actually a mess. They have a tendency to hear voices and can be psychicor is actually that psycho? They’re self sacrificing to the point of masochism and just about anything or anyone is able to pull at the heartstrings of theirs such as a homeless person needing a hot shower or even an acquaintance wanting to lend a huge sum of cash. Tragedy moves them so they seek it out and take it on. They’re generous and not concerned with materialism so will be taken advantage of in money matters.

They’re a very charitable type and would think nothing of squandering the inheritance of theirs or perhaps holiday bonus money. The moods of theirs are able to range from euphoric to miserable in a few minutes. They’re hypersensitive and pick up on others moods such as a sponge. Many see their chameleon nature as insincere but it is really they are impressionable and are easily led or perhaps taken for a fool.


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