Number 5 The Universal Year: Numerology Annual Forecast for 2021!

A Universal Year implies that everyone on the planet will feel energy of a particular number through the entire year. Each number comes with its unique resonance or theme.

It’s instructive to know what the focal point might be for the collective consciousness throughout the year.

Once you know the Universal Year reveals the point of emphasis for all of us globally.

2021 is a 5 Universal Year

We reach this number with this particular simple calculation:

2021 | 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

In Numerology, the number 5 may be the energy of instability. Its point of emphasis is in pushing boundaries, exploration, bringing in new some ideas, and engaging an adventurous and fearless spirit.

When we go through the energy of the 5 during a cycle of time, are expecting the unexpected!

This energy is volatile, yet exciting. It’s all about exploring the real meaning of freedom. How do we collectively secure a sense of sovereignty while also doing what must be done in a methodical way to make it happen?

For example, we can’t have financial freedom unless we earn money, invest wisely, and plan effectively so that we create the money that offer the personal freedom we desire.

Health is freedom. We can’t continuously enjoy excessive behaviors if we want to experience physical freedom. We must use self-discipline to create a healthier mind and body.

You get the picture.

2021 is really a progressive time where outmoded ways of understanding our lives and the world around us undergo serious and dramatic shifts.

Uncertainty may be the nucleus of the five Universal Year and yet the opportunities for progressive and impactful change reaches the core of the vivacious and sometimes tumultuous energy.

Prepare yourself to rock the boat – and also have your boat rocked.

How To Make The Most From the 5 Universal Year

BE CURIOUS. The 5 is fun, social, and gregarious. This is a year where we’ll ache to stretch our wings and embrace new visions and intentions for our collective future.

This energy supports experimentation based in doing, not just thinking!

The magic happens whenever we can use critical thinking and investigate long-held beliefs – and become open to changing our minds.

The five is the number of experience.

We’re being charged with the task of learning to embrace change and adapt to new circumstances. Unconventional approaches will be highlighted in 2021 and we’re being called upon to remain the course.

FOCUS. The five Universal Year offers a plethora of bright-and-shiny objects! While the emphasis is on trying new things, it’s valuable to keep in mind that a little single-tasking goes quite a distance. The trajectory of the year starts out with a frenetic and somewhat chaotic vibe.

The tried-and-true will undoubtedly be held up for examination. Systems and institutions will begin to be reconfigured, renovated, or retired. It might feel like a ride on a roller coaster once we enter into the five Universal Year.

Eventually, we need to feel out new options and discard what doesn’t hold potential for positive sustainability.

EMBRACE UNCERTAINTY. Who doesn’t depend on some level of get a grip on in their lives? Yet here’s the deal. The 5 opens the entranceway for some spontaneous combustion to just take place in order to force us to move from center. This is a year to crack open the mold that is our global “agreement” with each other.

Clearly, the old world is dissolving and the brand new world is gestating. Now it’s all up for review, updating, and re-vision.

When we look at the world through the lens of the five, we see it all in vivid technicolor, yet also in significantly of a blur!

This is a time where the world is our collective oyster and necessity could be the mother of invention.

Yet the direction and effectiveness of this Universal Year hangs in the balance – can we make a collective decision, think of a plan, and then continue? Can we invest in true systemic change and begin to implement the longer-term changes that need to happen to be able to get there?

The five is great with a few ideas. In fact, the five is nothing or even a reservoir of ideas. The test comes with taking a good notion and following through with systematic steps and rigorous discipline to transform a happy idea right into a sustainable reality.

HAVE A GREAT TIME & BE RESPONSIBLE. It’s a timeless condom advertisement: “Have fun, be responsible, use a condom. ”

The five Universal Year brings out the frisky in all folks.

After a year of quarantine and isolation, physical touch, social activity, and just getting out there and living life are fundamental desires that are taking the collective driver’s seat. “Girls (and Boys! ) just wanna’ have fun” and we will be driven by an appetite to “get this party started” this season.

The only caveat is that the energy of the five is known for defaulting into excessive behaviors.

FREEDOM VS. ESCAPE. One of the key top features of the energy of the 5 is due to coming face to face with deeply held fears and with how we internalize (or externalize! ) our desire for freedom.

2021 will undeniably hold out many opportunities for us to face deeply-held fears.

Will we be able to recover from a worldwide economic crisis? How will we move forward dismantling racist, sexist, and discriminatory systems and replace them with something equitable?

What’s the future of travel, work surroundings, social gatherings, artistic venues, and all of the other areas of life that was formerly considered normal?

Flexibility and adaptability are foundational to players during this five Universal Year.

Over all, the 5 Universal Year is a time demanding change on a radical level.

This is a moment where we can collectively feel extremely stuck, tethered, and restricted.

How do we obtain the personal liberties we desire without taking away the liberties of the others?

The highest expression of the energy of the 5 would be to open to new possibilities and have the fortitude to take a new direction with focused commitment and follow-through, if maybe not a little bit of personal sacrifice.

The issue is that the energy of the 5 can feel just like the Tasmanian Devil from the vintage Looney Tunes cartoon!

This is a time to learn the true meaning of freedom as it pertains to everyone on the planet.

The tendency this year may be a lack of discipline and order.

In other words, getting derailed for short bursts or for longer periods of time is part of the picture for a 5 Universal Year.

The “personality” of the five is that of an instigator and disruptor – with the higher purpose being to shed the old and transfer to a contemporary and inclusive new state of being.

When the five shows up, it is a catalyst for change!

Consensus is the foundation.

Adaptability is mandatory.

Solid direction is key.

And unpredictability is virtually a money-back guaranty!

It’s per year to actively expand in to the unknown. Placed on your goggles and obtain ready for a wild ride in 2021!

Number 5 The Universal Year: Numerology Annual Forecast for 2021! 1
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