The Self-Aware Most Conscious Horoscopes! – Ranked

With both self-awareness and social consciousness at heart, here are the zodiac signs ranked on just how self-aware they’re.

If you’re among the less self-aware signs, the most aware signs have tips and tricks of how to be more self-aware like them, so read on and become probably the most self-aware version of yourself!

15. Gemini: Way Too Many Personalities To Be Self-Aware

Gemini, you are beloved by friends and family for a number of reasons. You’re spontaneous, chatty, and just plain exciting to be around. Actually , your friends may believe that they never know exactly what will happen throughout a night out on the town with you. That said, you’re not necessarily beloved because you’re super self-aware. It’s really maybe not your fault, though. It’s just that you just have too many different personalities to be self-aware.

Gemini, you’re known as the sign of the twin, which identifies the fact that there are broadly speaking two – or even more – opposing feelings going on within you at once. This may make you indecisive and nervous. At most readily useful, you can hope to be self-aware of the fact that you have all these opposing feelings, but your capability to really be aware of your self and conscious of your self in social situations is stunted by all the feelings your constantly feeling.

Never to worry, your friends still love you for how positive and friendly you are. They just also know you’re a loose cannon you are.

14. Leo: Self-Centeredness Gets In The Way Of Being Self-Aware

Leo, you are a warm, passionate, cheerful person. People might think you’re a person who is always happy, despite the fact that we all know every one has their down moments in life. This specific positive passion can be felt in terms of your self, meaning you really love yourself. Like, you truly love your self.

Of all signs, you’re probably to be arrogant and self-centered. It’s just because you’re a queen and demand you be treated as such. I get down with that level of self-love, nonetheless it hinders your self-awareness, as you have a tendency to see your self in mere a positive light. If there are some negative areas of your personality, you’re likely to gloss over them and not desire to full acknowledge them.

In social situations, you also may possibly not be completely self-conscious, as you’re most concerned with the spotlight being you. You’re a true ham, but this can sometimes rub people the wrong manner. Of course, they are simply peasants and you’re a queen, usually are not cares?

13. Capricorn: Too Busy Judging The others

Capricorn, you’re a sign that represents responsibility and tradition. Because of this, you put great value on tradition, conservatism, and manners. You’re old school in that sense.

Because you have such great respect for tradition and such overwhelming self-control, you will be critical of people who don’t behave in ways that’s up to your standards. And by critical, I mean very, very judgmental. Actually you’re so judgmental of the others that it inhibits you from being full self-aware. Your mind is too busy judging people for perhaps not living up to your standards that you don’t have enough time to consider their standards, which my change from yours.

In social settings, you can come off as condescending and cold. To become more self-aware and conscious in social settings, you must accept that other’s standards may be different from yours and that’s definitely not a bad thing, though accept the others can be difficult for a stubborn earth sign.

12. Sagittarius: Your Idealistic Nature Gets In The Way

Sagittarius, you might be an extroverted and excited sign. You’re excitable most by things that are foreign to you. You like embracing new knowledge, people, culture and history. Anything new is wonderful for you. You are also idealistic, which plays a part in your sunny disposition, though it can also resulted in an ‘everything will continue to work out’ attitude, that is not always the case.

Since you believe every thing will work out, you might end up promising a lot more than you can actually deliver or saying something too bluntly to somebody. But hey, every thing will work out, right? To be more self-aware, consider negative outcomes sometimes. Take off those rose-colored glasses and consider a world where everything will not workout. This will help you see all possible consequences, consider your self from the more objective perspective, and also connect to people in a more delicate nature.

11. Pisces: Not Every one Is As Open-Minded As You

Pisces, you have the soul of an old hippie. Yes, there is something old and wise about you, but addititionally there is something whimsical and creative about you too. Because of this, you have an incredibly open mind. You are excessively caring, kind and loyal. You’re fundamentally a ball of open love.

Pisces, you tend to be self-aware in the way that you do know your self. You’ve got a deep connect with your self and know who you are. However, additionally you tend to live in another reality from other folks. You’re a little… out there. But in a great way! It’s like you have such a good, kind soul that you simply don’t belong in the true reality. That said, you’re not completely conscious in social settings. You come off kind of like Phoebe on Friends, but everybody needs a Pheebs!

10. Taurus: Too Stubborn To See How The others See You

Taurus, you are a great friend. You care very deeply for all the relationships in your life. In fact, your individual relationships are probably one of the most essential things to you. You might be a sign that values your relationships over even career ambition. And hey, human connection is what life is all about, right?

You are practical and rational, so you do have some grasp on being self-aware. Your down fall, but is that you are too stubborn. If some body tells you that you are maybe jealous, greedy, or perhaps a bit harsh, you’ll simply not hear a word of it. You’ll decide they truly are wrong and you’re obviously not jealous, greedy or harsh.

Your refusal to hear how others see you hinders your self-awareness. Being more open minded about how exactly other see you may give you more insight to your inner self as well as the method that you behave in social situations.

9. Cancer: In Touch With Your Moods, But Also Too Moody

Cancer, you are an exceptionally emotional water sign. While the Pisces comes off as whimsical and the Scorpio comes off as secretive, you, Cancer, come off as straight up emotional. Though, this can be a good thing, when you are also very perceptive to the emotions of the others. In social situations, you’re the type to be sympathetic to even the ‘villain’ of the situation, since you often view things from all angles.

When you are conscious of yourself in social situations, may very well not be as self-aware as you come off to the others. Because you’re so ruled by your emotions, you sometimes have a difficult time getting to the root of the issue. Instead of determining why you’re feeling sad or jealous or angry, you frankly feel those things too heavily to understand why.

Try to tap into your more intellectual side when you’re feelings just take over and you may have a deeper self-awareness. Until then, keep feeling feelings, Cancer.

8. Aries: Your Impulsiveness Can Get In the manner

Aries, as a fire sign, you share the bright, positive attitude of other fire signs. You’re confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Nothing will get in your way! You’re a go, go, go type of person. Forward movement all the way, each day.

Because of this, you can be impulsive and short-tempered. This impulsive nature can be quite evident in social situations, y’know like when you freak out on someone or opt to go skinny-dipping at a party. In the future, it’d be best to take the time and ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this’ before acting. This will both keep you from making mistakes and help you to get to know your self a bit better.

Having said that, your self-aware is strong, though hindered by your competitive nature and impulsive edge.

7. Aquarius: Your Intellectual Thought Helps You Be Self-Aware

Aquarius, you not merely march to the beat of your own drum, but you also love that you march to the beat of your own drum. You love being different from the others. Because of your power to enjoy your differences and your highly intellectual side, you are one of the most self-aware signs. Though, you may sometimes struggle when you do actually enjoy things that the crowd enjoys. Aquarius, if you like the new Taylor Swift song, don’t deny yourself a pop hit because you want to be different.

Your refusal to be “the same” aside, Aquarius you are certainly one of the most self-aware and independent signs. But you don’t of necessity come off as completely conscious of your self in social settings, as you can be temperamental and have difficulty expressing emotion. When you’re having a great conversation with someone, you thrive. It’s just the whole small talk part of socializing that you aren’t great with.

six. Scorpio: The World’s Most readily useful Secret Keeper

Scorpio, it shouldn’t shock you to see your sign this high on the list. You are a water sign, which puts you in a deep connection with emotions. You feel your own emotions deeply and are also very perspective to the emotions of others. Unlike the aloof Pisces and moody Cancer, you play things very close to the chest. Yes, you may be highly emotional, but you don’t always let that show.

Because you internalize things, you have time and energy to feel and analyze your emotions, that allows you to discover why you’re feeling certain feelings. Of course, your passion is sometimes the issue. You’re a very passionate sign and your passion can warp your brain. You may find yourself taking action, saying something in public, or doing something out of character, and maybe not once you know why.

Your passionate nature and secretive nature can often be at odds with each other, but over all you are usually very self-aware.

5. How To Be More Just like a Scorpio

If you happen to be considered a less self-aware and want to be more like the Scorpio, take to play things closer to the chest. The Scorpio is a sign of secrets and poker faces. In adopting the secretive nature of the Scorpio, you’ll keep your emotions for yourself and also comprehend them, rather than having people’s reactions influence your knowledge of your own feelings. Keeping in mind your emotions nearer to you, you’ll also come off as more mysterious and much more in control of yourself. You’ll seem self possessed, confident, and independent.

Signs that may benefit most from this will be the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces. Both of these signs have a tendency to let their emotions show a bit too much and are also overly influenced by the others.

4. Virgo: Very Analytical, But Sometimes Too Mean To Yourself

Virgo, you’re very hardworking, practical and analytical. You’re every bosses favorite employee, because you work extremely hard and need very little encouragement to take action. Also, when you execute a job well done, you tend to shy from the attention for it. As the Leo would like a raise every single time they show up with their job, you don’t need that. Actually , recognition makes you feel kind of awkward. You hate being the biggest market of attention.

Because of your ability to step far from the limelight as well as your analytical nature, you tend to be very much regarding the your feelings and emotions. You are very self-aware. However, you might be too self-aware. Yep, you’re a little bit too mean to your self. You are your own worst bully. Try perhaps not being so hard on yourself, because often the things you think about your self are much worse than what everybody else actually thinks about you.

3. How To Become more Like A Virgo

Therefore , you want to be a bit more like a Virgo? It starts with having the ability to step away from attention for which many of us are desperate. A Virgo doesn’t need focus on feel good. Giving up the necessity for attention and praise will make you more independent and present you more time for connecting with yourself.

While being analytical and critical of your self is good, the Virgo tends to go on it too far from time to time. Nevertheless , there are a few signs which could use the Virgo’s critical nature. All of the fire signs – Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo – could be a bit more critical. That will help lessen their inflated egos and make them more self-aware.

The other earth signs – Taurus and Capricorn – could take a lesson from the Virgo, in that this earth sign is not as stubborn as the other earth signs. Earth signs are so practical and realistic that they are naturally self-aware, but the Taurus and Capricorn refuse to consider anybody else’s thoughts or feelings, which will keep them from being as self-aware as a Virgo.

2. Libra: Congrats, You’re The Most Self-Aware Sign

Way to be self-aware, Libra!

Libra, you might be the most self-aware sign because of your desire to have harmony. You are an indicator that loves justice, peace and people getting along. You are always trying to bring people together and cool off heated fights. If you are personally involved in a disagreement or fight, you are able to see the situation from multiple points of view. It is possible to own up to your mistakes and shortcomings. Whenever a flaw is taken to your attention, you don’t dismiss it like other signs may. You look your self in the mirror and make an effort to figure out why exactly you did this bad thing to someone. When some one brings a flaw to your attention, you want to fix it, as you don’t wish to let this flaw get in the way of harmony again.

Because your goal is harmony rather than a selfish goal, like how the Aries always only really wants to be #1, it is possible to see the world from the more objective viewpoint.

1. How To Be much more Like A Libra

The Libra is more a big picture sign. Instead of dwelling on petty fights or every day annoyances, the Libra can look at things in the scheme of the whole world. The Libra knows that certain person is not depends upon. This objective perspective is what helps the Libra have a clearer view of themselves and a clearer view of social situations.

The Libra isn’t interesting in something petty, like proving they were right. They might rather avoid the fight. Fire signs are generally self-involved and could reap the benefits of their bigger, worldlier point of view. Earth signs tend to be self-righteous and may benefit from being more open to the some ideas of the others. Water signs could observe how the Libra checks their own emotions at the door and doesn’t let passion completely rule them.

Last but not least, other air signs could… I’m just kidding. The other air signs are hopeless. Stay you, Gemini and Aquarius. We wouldn’t want you any other way.

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